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Can China take advantage of America’s strategic deficit in Asia—and mind its own, too?

America’s strategic deficit in the Asia–Pacific region was in plain sight during the recent Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore. Although North Korea was a key concern for all participants, many—especially those from Southeast Asia and Australia—found China’s strategic intention a more serious long-term challenge than North Korea’s nuclear weapons and missiles program. But this year, with the new Trump administration in Washington, they couldn’t count on the US to alleviate their anxiety.

Is Australia now China’s strategic prize?

The Australia–China–US triangular relationship is becoming ever more important as Chinese power and influence continue to rise, as America’s Asia policy enters a highly uncertain and even capricious phase under President Donald Trump, and as Australia continues to fine-tune its delicate hedging game between Beijing and Washington.


Should Australia worry about Chinese expansion in the South Pacific?

From The Strategist


A major international conference on the Pacific Islands was held recently by the Centre for Pacific Island Countries Studies in Guangzhou, the capital city of China’s Guangdong province. The conference, devoted solely to a discussion of the Pacific Islands, was the first of its kind in China. The Centre was authorised by the highest level of the central leadership in Beijing and supported by the Guangdong provincial government. That China has appointed a special envoy for the Pacific Islands, and that the envoy, Ambassador Du Qiwen, attended a full-day conference—a true rarity for Chinese officials—only attests to the growing attention China is paying to the Pacific Islands region. (more…)


Dr Feng Zhang (PhD, LSE) is a Fellow in the Department of International Relations at the Australian National University’s Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs. His research focuses on Chinese foreign policy, Asia-Pacific security, and international relations theory. He is also Adjunct Professor at the National Institute for South China Sea Studies in China.

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